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What is powder coating and will that keep my fence/gate from rusting?

Powder coating is a process where a powder is sprayed on the door and then it is put in an oven and heated to up to 450 degrees. The powder melts on to the metal creating an extremely hard surface This finish can be compared to the finish on your washing machine The Gloss on this will last three times or longer than enamel paint. Rust resistance is at least twice as long. Disadvantages are that the powder coat finish is not resistant to cat spray, or lack of maintenance. The finish because of; hardness is prone to chipping. Touch up is difficult because paint does not adhere well to the finish. There is an additional cost and due to it being done by a third party our warranty does not cover the removal and reinstallation.

What does your warranty cover?

We provide our customer with one year warranty on workmanship.

How do I service my locks?

If your lock is giving you problems after years of use, it is recommended that you have us replace the lock. If the key is tight to turn use a graphite or silicone base product. Never use any oil product.

How long from when I order my gate should I expect it to be ready?

Normal it will take three weeks or more. This depends on our work load and size of the job.

What color finishes can I choice for my gate?

We use Dun-Edwards paints, and have approximate 25 colors that we consider our standard. If you would like a special color we can have the color match from an existing sample. Some slight variance may exist from the sample and the gate. A charge will be done for this service.

What should I look for in a company to buy from?

We feel it is important for you to buy from a company that you can trust and rely upon. Our company has been in business for the past 30 years. We are a California State license contractor.

How can I order a Gate or Fence?

Call our company and let us know generally what you are looking for. A company representative will go by and measure the area you want the gate/fence and note your color choice, your signature will authorize us to start making it. Payment on the product is due upon installation. California law prohibits for a contactor to ask for more than 10% of the job.

How much time do I have to change my order?

You have three days to cancel your order for any reason. After three days changes can be made with out any cost only if no extra cost is incurred. All changes must be in writing and a change order number must be requested so as to validate your request.

What type of services does Valley Wrought Iron provide?

Residential and Commercial
All types of Ornamental and Wrought Work Custom Paint match (oil base)
* Powder Coating
* Antiquing Spear points
* Press points
* Aluminum/Cast iron designs Deadbolts
* Combination * Hook locks
* Electronic locks Electrical and Solar Gate Operators
* Telephone Entry Service Fence Repainting
* Fence/ Gate Repairs
* Operator Repairs