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Choosing your gate

What style of Gate or Fence you choose is a very personal decision. Your choice is your signature. "A statement of who you are." Your Gate/Fence will be seen by everyone that visits you. This is one of the reasons that we present to you a variety of designs that depict a multiple of concepts, traditional, modern, unique, and functional. Just like you chose your home and car for a variety of features you should consider the concepts in designs and color as well. You may choose a style that you see in our picture catalog or you may design your own form a variety of casting and patterns. Whatever you choose we at Valley Wrought Iron assure you that you will get the same quality and security.
Custom Gates & Fences

Our company provides you with custom designs that compliments your home and makes a statement of the value you place on your home, not just your concern for security and privacy The Ornamental Iron Gate and Fences displayed in this brochure has the concepts that our company had developed through Thirty years of providing our customers with a first quality product. We sincerely hope that you will use this as a guide in your purchase of a product that has become a necessity for our homes.

Gate Color

One of the most important decisions you will make in acquiring your gate will the selection of the finish for your gate. Two similar gates will seem very different depending on the color. We recommend that you select a different color for your screen preferably a lighter shade of gray. This will accent your gate style. You can choose from over twenty standard colors. For a more custom and exact color, we can provide you with a color match. Color match gives you the opportunity to blend the trimming of your home with the gate. This effect will also give you an always been there appearance.

Gate Fence Painting/finish

Our primer and paint enamels are applied with an electrostatic system that leaves a coating of at least three times the thickness of conventional air paint application system. This system has an efficiency of about 90% in comparison to conventional system that is about 10%. Since the screen is placed on the gate after it is painted, it can not be welded on. The screen is attached with pan head screws through out the perimeter of the gate and in the center. As an option we offer Powder Coating. This process is a baked on finish that will last three times longer than paint enamel. Because of its hardness there is a tendency for the paint to chip off. Repainting is not possible unless the finish is sandblasted off.

Valley Wrought Iron provides:

Residential and Commercial - All types of Ornamental and Wrought Work

  • Custom Paint match (oil base)
  • Powder Coating
  • Antiquing Spear points
  • Press points
  • Aluminum/Cast iron designs Deadbolts
  • Combination
  • Hook locks
  • Electronic locks Electrical and Solar Gate Operators
  • Telephone Entry Service Fence Repainting
  • Fence/ Gate Repairs
  • Operator Repairs